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What does Alhambra mean and why is it called that?

Alhambra in Arabic is al-Ḥamrāʼ(`the red one`)The name “red” comes from the fact that when it was built it was worked at night, and seen at night, due to the light of the torches, it looked red

Did you know that...?

The Alhambra has survived earthquakes for centuries thanks to the fact that the walls are made of rammed earth and the columns have a sheet of lead between the base and the column, which makes the building dance if there are tremors. There are columns in the courtyards where you can see the grey sheet of lead.

Did you know that Isabel the Catholic was buried in the Alhambra?

After having recovered Granada from the hands of Boabdil, the Catholic Kings entered the Alhambra and were enchanted.

In fact, the Queen of Castile, on seeing the Monastery of San Francisco, wanted to be buried there, “in a low grave with no name”. However, she only remained buried the re until her grandson Carlos V decided to move her to the Cathedral of Granada

Did you know that there was a love letter hidden for 92 years within its walls?

In 1921, Pepe wrote a letter to his beloved Emilia. In it he said that he would send another letter with a bunch of grapes as a sign of his love. He hid in a nook of the church of San Gil de la Alpujarra (now demolished) the letter that would be found in 2013 by a team of archaeologists.

What finally happened to the couple is not known, however.

Did you know that the Alhambra is a sun clock?

The Alhambra is one of the largest sundials on the planet. It is built in such a way that you can tell what time of day it is by the shadow cast by the sun on the rooms. In fact, at midday half of the rooms are in the shade and the other half are sunny.

Did you know that the Alhambra is a city?

When we think of the Alhambra, we think of a building but it is not really like that, it is a whole city. In fact, it is a palatine city formed by a group of

palaces, gardens and a fortress that housed a real citadel within the city of Granada itself, which served as accommodation for the monarch and the court of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada.

Did you know that...?

Did you know that in 2011 it became the most visited monument in

Spain, receiving more than 2 million visitors?

Why is the famous Paseo de los Tristes called this way?

Its official name is Paseo del Padre Manjón but this “sad” nickname is because in the nineteenth century was the way to the cemetery of San Jose (which was accessed by the Cuesta de los Chinos). The funeral processions passed by the Paseo del Padre Manjón and many people said goodbye to the deceased before climbing the hill where the cemetery was located.

In Granada you can visit La Huerta de San Vicente, the summer home of Federico García Lorca.

In these perfectly preserved rooms overlooking a beautiful estate, this author gave birth to some of his most famous works (Bodas de Sangre or Doña Rosita la Soltera). It was also within these thick walls, now converted into a museum with interesting relics, that his parents received the heartbreaking news of his execution.

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